This is a legacy project page. Open Heart Treasures was set up to crowdsource emotional common sense from people about every day objects. Original code for this project was inherited from he the Open Mind common sense project team at MIT (Rob Speer, Katherine Havasi and others). Their project was developed for non-emotional common sense. The crowd sourced collection of common sense was the brain child of Push, a student of Marvin Minsky who saw that multiple minds was a theory of intelligence. His student Push brought the idea to reality through his crowdsourced common sense open mind collective. The web site is no longer up. Push suffered from depression following a serious back injury and took his own life. The project was carried on by H. Lieberman and his students at the MIT Media Lab, where Push also worked. The work to adapt the code for emotion common sense was done by Curt Smith and Cindy Mason, with help from Rosa Maria Gil and Roberto González.